The Construct is Broken FF 7/6

A collaboration with artist and musician, Lowell Levene-Sims

Art Garage-Peoria, IL


Artist Statement

The film consists of footage of Peoria, Illinois. The viewpoint is from a bicycle; a mode of transportation that has helped me see the city in a new light. By getting closer to the cracks in the sidewalk, abandoned warehouses, and overgrown trees, I’ve developed a peculiar love and intrigue for Peoria. This city is full of wonder. From this viewpoint, I have seen the streets of Peoria glow with vitality and colored light. 

The live soundtrack is improvisation done by Lowell Levene-Sims. While filming, I reflected on thoughts, sounds, and colors that came to me and I shared them with Lowell. I also listened to his album “A Thing of Beauty to an Object of Regret” on most film excursions. I am extremely grateful for Lowell’s adaptability and enthusiasm for the piece. 

The wheels in the installation are on loan from the Bike Peoria Co-op. Each wheel is priced at $35, which is donated in full to the Bike co-op. By purchasing a wheel, Peorians continue the cyclical nature of the piece, fueling the co-op to help more people see Peoria in this light.  

Special thanks to Jessica and Olivia Ball for installation assistance, Brent Baker for inspiration, and Annie Link for being my constant film assistant.