Allison Walsh


BFA, Bradley University- 2017

BA in Spanish with Philosophy Minor, Bradley University- 2017

Study Abroad, Madrid and Barcelona, Spain- 2015


Exhibitions and Film Festivals (solo or two person*)


Prairie Center Alumni Exhibition, Prairie Center of the Arts, Peoria, IL- August 2018 


Paris Art and Movie Awards, Le Grand Rex, Paris, France - June 2018


Bradley Alumni and Faculty Show, Madron Gallery, Chicago, IL - June 2018


Nude Attitude, Peoria Art Guild, Peoria, IL- April 2018


*Parallel Lines: The Multimedia Exhibition, Prairie Center of the Arts, Peoria, IL - February 2018


Biannual Art Exhibition, Maxam Building, Peoria, IL- September 2017 


*Video/Sound Collaboration with Lowell-Levene Sims, Art Garage, Peoria, IL- July 2017


6x6x2017, Rochester Contemporary, Rochester, NY- June 2017 


*Bachelors of Fine Arts Exhibition, Prairie Center of the Arts, Peoria, IL-May 2017


Action/Reaction, Peoria Art Guild, Peoria, IL- April 2017


Personal Space, Art St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri- January 2017


Fragments, Burt Chernow Gallery, Bridgeport, Connecticut- November 2016


48-Hour Filmmakers Fest, Riverfront Museum, Peoria, IL- October 2016


*Allison Walsh, Ear in the Envelope, Peoria, IL- May 2016


Shrine, Project 1612, Peoria, IL- March 2016


Postcards for Barbara, Prairie Center of the Arts, Peoria, IL- October 2015


ME Self Portrait Exhibition, Studios on Sheridan, Peoria, IL- October 2015


On the Edge, Peoria Art Guild, Peoria, IL- May 2015


Bradley University Sculpture Department Show, Studios on Sheridan, Peoria, IL- May 2015


Documentary Films (Directed)*


*The Daily Aesthetics of Alexander Martin - September 2018

*Journey to the Sea, Opening at Madron Gallery- June 2018


*Video Series on Gun Violence, IL Newsroom- May 2018 


*Parallel Lines, currently being applied to film festivals- February 2018


*Food for Thought: Who's Missing, available online-NPR Peoria- November 2018


*Bus 15, available online- October 2017


*Iron Man and Iron Woman, available online- October 2017




Prairie Center of the Arts, Peoria, IL- May 2017—February 2018


Project 1612, Peoria, IL- March 2016



Allison Walsh, WomenCinemakers, Biennial Edition- June 2018


Collecting with Intention, Article and Cover Photo, Art and Society- April 2018


Three Simple Words, What Divides Us?, Sixty Inches from the Center- March 2018


Professional Experiences

Executive Director, Big Picture Film Festival- October 2018


Writer, UKAY-ZINE 01, Distributed in Peoria, Paris, London, and Lima- August 2018 


Peoria Art Guild Board Member- July 2019-current


Co-Chair of Digital Media, YAKU Peoria- April 2017—current


Videographer, Downtown Development Corporation of Peoria- June 2017—current


Gallery Assistant, Heuser Art Gallery, Peoria, IL- September 2015—May 2017


Performer, Sex, Land, Power, Claire Ashley and Richard Medina, Project 1612, Peoria, IL -November 2016


Performer, Cawt, Taut, Hot..Not, Claire Ashley, University Galleries, Bloomington, IL -September 2016


Volunteer-ME Self Portrait Exhibition, Studios on Sheridan, Peoria, IL- October 2015


Gallery Assistant, Hartmann Center, Bradley University, Peoria, IL- October 2015


Volunteer-Midwestern Women Artists’ Symposium, Peoria, IL- October 2015


Study Abroad, Bradley University, Madrid and Barcelona, Spain- June 2015


One-on-one painting Tutor, Peoria, IL- October 2013-May 2014




Lead Instructor, High School Film Class, Peoria Public Schools – June 2018


Teaching Assistant for Dr. Michael Greene, Philosophy of Art, Bradley University-

August 2016—May 2017


Lecturer, Painting Sensation, Bradley University- April 2017


Guest Art Lecturer, Spanish 201, Bradley University- October 2016


Guest Art Teacher, English Language Learners, Lindbergh Middle School, Peoria, IL-October 2016


Lead Instructor, Group Painting Class, Bradley University, Peoria, IL- December 2015


Art Research Assistant for Dr. Michael Greene, Bradley University- Spring 2015




Beyond Alternatives, University of Illinois, Champaign, IL- April 2018


The Business of Art, Community Foundation Center, Peoria, IL- February 2017


The Business of Art, Peoria Civic Center, Peoria, IL- February 2016


Midwestern Women Artists’ Symposium, Bradley University, Peoria, IL- October 2015




Bradley University Collection of Art